Friday, June 24, 2011


There may be a few new visitors thanks to my essay over at Life With Levi, about co-sleeping with the toddler. So this is as good a time as any to re-introduce myself and the blog, and maybe explain why it gets updated so infrequently.

For several years, this was a story about an Arts-educated guy, finally admitting that while not going to med school as a 22-year-old douche was probably the right decision, it was nonetheless time to buckle down and get serious about joining the profession as a 30-something guy. Then, it was a story about the long and sometimes painful process of doing just that. In the last few years, with graduation and employment, it was a much-less-updated story about moving into the world of practice as a PA. The first job out of school was... not awesome. And it seems like more and more ER and other med-bloggers are closing down their blogs all the time. It's an odd situation for people who want to share ideas and observations, since so much tension still exists about HIPAA and whether it's possible to even be a medical person and a blogger (I think it certainly is, and there are steps you take that are not so difficult really, but even people who are cautious find themselves in more trouble than it's worth).

So at the moment, it's a very slow and gradual story, about how to put it all together. I'm a second-career medical practitioner, a stay-at-home dad, I still have that liberal arts point of view, and it's always nice to see new people around here. How are ya?