Tuesday, December 28, 2004

If I'm quiet...

...it may mean that things are going on which will make awesome stories, but not yet.

Because things are too fresh in my mind, and need to be processed; because I need to think of cool pseudonyms for people I'll need to talk about; because I need to obscure identifying details; or maybe because I've been too dang busy to write.

The urge to blog is not insignificant. Someday this will be a sort of a record of selected impressions, opinions, and reflections from this particular part of my ongoing drama. And it will be a depository for amusing and maybe even interesting stories. Plus, it's practice for me, as I learn to formulate thoughts about these topics in a way that holds together.

But the urge to sleep is stronger, dude. No contest. So I'll just say I recently met some cool people, and I did some extremely cool stuff.

Hey, and I left a message for Turk. They need techs on that show, truly. Sassy, intelligent people who describe themselves as "low-life-techs," but who in reality make the place run well and help docs to be on their best game. It's TV gold, I'm telling you.

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