Thursday, May 05, 2005

What Occupies Me

At the bottom of the tax form, after your signature, you're asked to list your "occupation." I have always wondered, where does this information go? And where is it supposed to come from?

Recently, getting ready for the big move, I had a look at my tax forms from the past few years. Sure, job titles are good, but I don't always stick to them. The year I earned a $100 honorarium for being part of the "guest ensemble" (that's "chorus" to most of us) in a 3-month-long production at my favorite theater, I was also starting my job at the cool company (the one I just left after 7 years to go out East, back to school). That year, I listed my occupation as "Actor."

2004 was the year I started working at the hospital, in November. I was an "EMT" that year, and the next, if I'm remembering correctly. All of which is true, but maybe not entirely descriptive of where I spent most of my working hours. I was happy to be associated with the cool company, but as the years went on the day-to-day enthusiasm ebbed and flowed over time. Toward the middle there, I might have put "hapless cube-monkey" if I thought I could.

So I guess I will be a "student" soon, and that's both clear and accurate. It feels good to have no conflict to resolve. Just one more indicator, I guess, that it's time to do this.


Trash said...

I've always wondered that, too. Do you think the IRS or Homeland Security would show up if you started just making shit up, something new each year?

Also, we already miss you. Is it fun? And cool?

Febrifuge said...

It is fun, although it's a special kind of fun to do three chapters of Chem in one week. I'll let you know how I did on the first test.

And it's definitely cool. See post above, about the farmhouse and whatnot.