Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Procrastination Theatre Presents

(first in what I am sure will be a series)

WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING: Writing about the questions of safety surrounding phthalates as additives to PVC plastic, especially in toys babies and kids chew on. It's due tomorrow, sleep or no sleep.

THE VERY BRIEF BLOG THING I'LL SAY NOW: Life is good. I've never worked so hard, and yet this sure beats working. Also, I'd like my financial aid money now, please...and so, a gaggle of students from the school where I worked would be sooooo amused. Then again, I have savings and know how to budget, so [impolite gesture #14a]. (That's the two-handed V-chop, sharply inward toward the groin. I saw someone do that last weekend and it was way funny.)

CRYPTIC BONUS: I think that was #74, who sort of accidentally stole a bike for a minute.

SNIDE REMARK IN CLOSING, AS I GET TO REAL WORK: Sodium Cyanide starts getting dangerous at 0.05 mg/ kg/ day. That would be 50 micrograms. Mean exposure for the 12-to-23-month olds in one 2004 study was 0.08 micrograms/ kg/ day. 99th percentile was 2.4 mcg/ kg/ day. Is this stuff 30 times more deadly than cyanide?

So, in short, my argument might be
[impolite gesture #14a].

Got to go write now.

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