Thursday, December 01, 2005

Name-checked on Velcrometer. Sweet.

M. Giant said this, in a recent post about his offspring M. Small (aka Cuter Than Your Favorite Internet Kid)...

Screw the biological clock; the main reason you want to have a kid before a certain age is because you want to be young enough to be able to stand the levels of random cacophony that can burst forth at any moment.

Sigh. I am soooo boned. I already holler "get outta my yard!" at my traditionally-college-age friends, and it's only funny because it's true.

But thanks to, I can now confidently say that what I've suspected for years might be true: I can take back seven years. The calendar might talk some wack-ass jive about me being 35 and a half; but my diet, exercise, and other habits contribute to my being a lot more like 29.

(Between the ears, of course, I'll forever be a precocious 15. Ehhh, whatever. I've learned to accept it.)

SPECIAL BONUS NOTE: Blogger's spell-check applet doesn't recognize 'Velcrometer,' and suggests I replace with a list that's headed by "belligerent." Heh.


Teslagrl said...

It's a good thing everyone thinks I'm an undergrad then ;-)

Trash said...

When do you get back? Shouldn't we figure out some time to hook up? Also, wait until you and Teslagrl get your latest M. Small pics -- you won't recognize him, he's so big.