Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I am presently at the library, re-reactivating my virtual dissectible dude. It's a sweet program -- basically like the old-style antomy books with plate upon plate of plastic sheets you can peel back and look deeper -- except it periodically and spontaneously stops working. Then I email the pleasant-enough support guys, who send me a new activation key... and I wait a day or three until I can be on the Web with my laptop.

So I'm set up among the reference materials and periodicals. It's like 55 degrees here for no reason, and it's awesome, except this friggin wasp flies over to me and alights on the screen. Not cool. I brush it gently away with the envelope from the CD-ROM, without thinking back to the sting I got ON THE HAND when I caught one and tried to release it out the porch door last fall.

And it buzzes lazily over to my head.

Screw it. As of now, it's on. I am totally President Dubya now; maybe I started it, who can say, it was so long ago and anyway that's your opinion -- but the wasp reacted predictably with something that might have been defensiveness. Except I'm not like the Prez, because I killed the wasp swiftly and well. It landed on top of a road atlas; I moved the atlas to the floor, then dropped something subtitled 'the National Geographic Atlas of Ancient Places' on top. With a newspaper protecting the book, because I'm not a barbarian.

In other news, is anyone still reading this thing? Or have I completely reverted to "this is a good place to put stuff I'll need later" mode?


Leviathan said...

I'm reading this thing! Just stopping by from SDN to snoop around. I skimmed by a post that says you've decided to go the PA route. I may just do the same, depending on what cards are dealt for me over the next few months.

See you around SDN!

Febrifuge said...

schweet. Thanks, Leviathan! Yeah, stay tuned here as well, because I can probably illuminate the "why PA" thing with anecdotes from my shadowing. I always blur details, but I also tend to talk about stuff more freely once some time has passed, and events can't be identified by chronology anymore. I'm HIPAA-riffic!

Trash said...

I am totally reading it -- I'm just behind (as always). When are you home next?