Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blog Niblets

1) The deer story turned out to be a decent way to work through not just the stress of, y'know, hitting a deer with my car and then watching Smokey put it down with a .45, but also the stress of writing my big essay. Huzzah! I have a draft, and it's 2960-some characters. So I'm skating mighty close to the edge of insanity -- but I should point out that I preserved my stylish paragraph breaks.

2) Last week, I wound up staying on campus to listen to live music and drink many $1 beers. Pretty frequently, too; I think it was 4 days out of 5 or something. I'm happy to report I heard an utterly bitchin' pop band; Saturday Looks Good To Me sounds like Husker Du plus Elvis Costello. They brought the rawk to Vermont, and that was special because now they've played in 48 of 50 states. Good luck with Wyoming and SoDak, guys.

(I see they were at the 400 Bar in September last year, so my momentary swagger at hearing a bitchin' band before Jon might be premature. Hmm.)

3) I set up a MySpace, and then I realized that I no-way-no-how want it linked to here. I seem to say this pretty frequently lately, but it's true: although this is not some kind of "deep, deep, deep undercover" thing, and I don't imagine I have true anonymity here, I like that there's a certain obscurity. I'm sure not everyone who would like to know about El Blog are aware of my little growing empire of essays, but people who should know I write here probably do. So, if you read this 'cuz you know me, and you don't get an email invitation to join my posse, it's because MySpace sucks, and I only joined because so many of my friends have pages, and you need to be a member to enjoy the full spectrum of suck.

4) I have ten days to finish everything, here in the last semester of my program. This is, in other words, a fun little slice of what we like to call The Crazy Time. If I put up incoherent rants, or if you see "this post has been deleted by a hallucinatory, orange, twelve-foot-tall pond frog," that would most likely be why.

5) Wet-colloidon photography is just about the coolest thing ever. I learned that recently.


Febrifuge said...

Okay, so the samples at SLGTM's web page sound like PJ Harvey meets the Archies, but that's a good thing too. Although completely different than the band I heard, it's similarly awesome.

It turns out it's really an evolving multi-artist project, anyhoo. A dude named Fred Thomas is the heart of the thing, and more than 75 others have been temporary members of the band. The poster that was up on campus concluded thusly:

"...nothing matters more than the waves in the air when you hear your new favorite song for the first time, and SLGTM is only interested in making your new favorite songs."

Yup. That's pretty much how it works.

Trash said...

So, WE didn't get invited to join your MySpace page....

I'm just sayin'.