Monday, October 23, 2006

freaky-deakies need medical care, too

Dear Admissions Committees,

Check how well-rounded I am. Even after a complete 3-to-11:30 shift in the ED, I managed to get home, put on my House outfit (which is eerily similar to what I wear anyhow), and get over to a Halloween party. A party documented by my pal, future Golden Globe-winning screenwriter (and eventual Hollywood Squares center square) Diablo Cody. click for the scoop, Twin Cities insiders!

Taking time to play is vital to the ability to work hard. In my 12 years in Corporate America and the year I spent in my intesive, one-year post-bac program, I learned how important it is to be where you are. Ya know, dude?

Hah, no pictures of me there! My anonymity is safe for one more day.

Now I need to come up with a good answer to that question about "what is your weakness?" So far, I'm not past the idea that it's an unfair and a sort of stupid question, and so my best answer so far seems to be this:


That is very impressive. Tell us about some areas where you're not as strong. What about your weaknesses?

(Pauses, thoughtfully. Leans forward in his chair. Makes eye contact.)


Yeah, I'm working on it. Trixi has turned out to be an unexpectedly rich source of interview prep, and has a decent answer. I'll tell you later. And maybe I'll get over the idea it's a dumb question if I hear some additional good answers. What do you say, in a job interview or whatnot, when asked about your weakness?


Tim said...

Isn't there a scene in "Trainspotting" where the character, I believe named "Spud," is in a job interview and when asked about his weaknesses he launches into a diatribe about his only weakness is that he is a perfectionist?

You may have to be an some sort of altered state to recreate the scene to its fullest effect, but still even sans intoxicants I think if you look at the film again you will find proper inspiration for your querie.

I enjoy your blog.

Febrifuge said...

Thanks, Tim!

(Hey, do I know you out there in non-Internet space? I'm always curious, since my blog ain't exactly setting the world on fire... YET!)

Ya know, Trainspotting is in the top ten of my list of "Movies I Can't Believe I Have Not Yet Seen." I know there's a baby, and a nasty toilet, and Ewan MacGregor, and a metric buttload of smack. The movie I imagine is bleak, harrowing, and yet very good. I'm sure the real thing is all this, and moreso, plus some other stuff.

Thanks for the heads-up on this bit of relevance. And ta, for the compliment.

Tim said...


What is this "non-internet space" you speak of?

No, we don't know each other. I found your blog through JBH's Hatesexy, whom I linked to from Diablo. After I read (and loved) Diablo's book hers was the first blog I began to read religiously. I still only have a few that I check in on regularly, and yours is one of them.

Enjoy Trainspotting.

Teslagrl said...

You haven't seen Trainspotting?!? Remind me why I'm dating you again? ;-)

Trash said...

I thought you saw it with the residents of the House of Estrogen - are you sure you just weren't drunk? Or on heroin?

Ahh, I miss coolio Halloween parties. Hell, I miss HAVING cool-ass Halloween parties.

As for the question of the hour, you simply take something that's a positive, and imply that you are *too* of it. Too dedicated, too invested, too much of a perfectionist. At least that is what you do in job interviews, and I can't imagine this would be any different.

When I applied, I believe I said that I had a tendency to get so involved in my research (you know, librarian and all) that I sometimes lost all track of time. Thus, I needed to work on knowing when to stop, because of time and budget constraints. Worked like a charm. Suckers.

dizulli said...


When asked, my true response is that I expect people to be as dedicated as I am. I don't know that this is a good response for your interview but in reading your blog, it seems this may be the case for you. You can spin this, I'm sure.

Good luck!