Friday, March 16, 2007


I'm not sure I like my last couple of posts. But hang in there with me; I'm attempting to build to a larger point, one that needs a little stumbling room, to get where it's supposed to go. And that point is not meant to be cheese-sandwich-y and self-absorbed, nor grandiose and mighty. It's the gremlin of blogging, is the thing. It seems like the choices often come down to talking about the world in general and sounding like a crank, or talking about your own tiny corner of it and sounding like a short-sighted schmoe. Either way, there are times when dude, you're taking yourself very seriously.

But hey, this thing is meant to be about progress, so give it a couple weeks. When I have time to write more, the progression should start to become more clear. Besides, there's a word for people who wait to express a single thought, until after their message is thoughtfully considered and completely crafted: politicians.


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