Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life Lessons from American Idol

Oh yeah... so that's why I don't really watch. I saw the beginning, with the Minneapolis auditions and the horrid singers, and I saw the final few weeks. I'm happy for Jordin, inasmuch as she has genuine talent and charisma, plus now a car and a record contract and I think the winner gets some money or something. But it's sad to think she'll be another serf toiling in the soul-crushing fields where crap pop music is grown from the dry and rocky soil. Clarkson and Underwood, if they're lucky, may survive long enough to become cringe-worthy self-parodies like Bette Midler. Taylor Hicks was pretty good, but it wouldn't hurt to bring him in to a neurologist. Just in case.

Oh, so that's that Haley chick everyone is sure will appear in Playboy soon. I see... and yes.

Whoa, Green Day. How did a powerful and mature rock band wander onto this show? And, wait, how did a powerful and mature rock band grow up out of Green Day? Damn.

In my house, "This Is My Now" has become a great all-purpose punch line.

"How come you drank the rest of the orange juice and didn't leave any for me?"
"Why are you still up, and surfing the Internet?"
"What makes you so sure it's not going to rain tomorrow?"

Because, baby: This Is My Now.

Today at orientation, our program director said one of the cooler things I've ever heard in all my reading and talking about medical education. I'm paraphrasing.

You know how in some classes, the professor says to look to your right, and look to your left, and think about how at the end of the class, one of those two people -- or maybe you -- will not be there? Yeah, well, we don't do that. You're done competing. You're all very smart. We had about 1000 applicants, and there are between 50 and 60 of you. So you're the top 5 or 6 percent. Now it's time to work, and there so much to do there is not enough time to waste it with competing. Look at the person to your right, and the person to your left. Two years from now, you're all going to finish, and you're going to help one another to get there.

See, that's a reality show I'd be into. Except lacking competition, it would be a little tough to explain, or to follow.


Tim said...

Very cool comment from the Prof.

"you're all going to finish, and you're going to help one another to get there."

It seems to me that's a philosophy that we should apply to all aspects of life, not just those related to academia.

Good luck, Feb. We'll be watching you via the blog and cheering you on.

Hedy De Vine said...

They didn't say that to my class on the first day of law school. Instead, they told us if we got caught hiding or ripping pages out of library books to screw our classmates, there'd be hell to pay.