Sunday, July 01, 2007

Finally, something important to talk about

Here's a diverting little hypothetical, courtesy of one of the messageboards I frequent:

Assume you have been offered your dream job (that is, the dream version of your job, or else the job you really want to do). The catch is, you need to choose from only two possible job sites. One is in Gotham City, and the other is in Metropolis. Which would you choose, and why?

Obviously, there are some stark differences. How much you like sunlight, for instance, will probably be a factor. As would whether you prefer to carry cash on your person, outdoors, ever. Your feelings about the occasional superhero/ supervillain fight spilling over into your building and destroying a fair bit of it should probably come into play as well. There a pros and cons either way.

As for me, I found it was kind of an easy choice because I'd have to be working in one of the two ED's. No way am I going to deal with the Joker's deadly laughing gas, or some fiendish nano-virus engineered by the Riddler. I'm going Metropolis, hands down. Let the superintelligent gorilla commandos and trans-dimensional shockwaves fall where they may.

Plus, I bet the cafeteria food is nicer at Metropolis Memorial. That's just a guess, but it's an educated one.

So, how about you?

EDIT: Guess we got our answer on that one, eh?

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