Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Going In...

Wish me luck. The last of the standardized patient training deals is coming up for me.

You'll recall that just a month or so ago, I learned the correct way to perform a breast exam. The right kind and amount of pressure; the right technique to make sure you don't leave anything out, so I'd feel a suspicious lump, but I wouldn't take forever either.

Then I learned how to work the male exam; the outer and inner survey of the twig n' berries, the dreaded hernia check. I'd had these in yearly checks, but this was from the examiner's side. And then I got schooled in the prostate, a skill that I know will eventually become not just un-special, but actually boring.

Consider that, right? A day is coming, and it's not too far, when I'll not only be the guy responsible for giving the one-fingered salute to people, I'll grow to hate it not because eww, it's my finger in somebody's pooper, but because gawd those are so boring.

Well, another one of those things we do a lot of in the ol' clinic or Emergency Department is the friendly neighborhood pelvic exam. Guess what I'm doing this week?

I definitely feel like I'm turning into a clinician, so that's good. But, man... I am getting SO TIRED of looking at either male or female genitals. And how messed up is that?

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