Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Here's a crazy thought...

I'm getting married, in less than 40 days.

I have about 35 days of school left, and that means I'll be halfway done with the official part of my training. It also means I'll be ENTIRELY done with the "sitting in a classroom, taking notes" part of my schooling.

Mostly, this scares the crap out of me. Now and then, however, I get a little glimmer of how things are going to work in the next year. Small, sometimes reassuring flashes of the kind of problem-solving and connection-making I will get to practice, and occasionally be really good at.

I also got my letter: when it's time to do my six-week Emergency Med rotation, guess which site they're sending me to?

Here's a hint: I already know where they keep all the supplies, and I can work the computers.

Finally, the new REM is amazing. It's a good week for old guys.


Liebenow said...

Yay! When does your 6-wk rotation start?

Lora said...

YAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait util you guys are back!