Saturday, June 07, 2008


Sorry I've been so quiet. A lot has happened since the last post, but I've been so wiped out as a result of the activity that I've been less able to write about it.
Here's something that crossed my mind recently...

My 35th birthday, I seem to recall, was spent either packing, or driving out east to start my post-bacc program. My girlfriend (now wife) made the trip with me, but I dropped her at the Albany, NY airport for the first of what would be several times, before I continued on the last little bit to Bennington, Vermont.

On my 36th, I had finished up that one intense year of pre-req courses, having had a few successes, a few painful encounters with my own limitations, and a whole lot of educating on what my life would be like for the next phase of my adventure. I had come out there with a goal, and come back with a plan. In the interim, I had learned a lot, including the difference between the two. Also, I read Diablo's book, I listened to Jonny's record, and I started to see how I could be good at medicine, for real real.

My 37th was spent driving back home. All my stuff fit in my 4-door car. Well, except for the futon and furniture I'd stashed in my dad's shed, and the books and whatnot I'd left behind in the woman's basement.

I just had another birthday this week. The day started with me arriving to the clinic a little ahead of my supervising MD, so I took the first patient on the list, with the MD following up a little later on. He agreed with my diagnosis, too.

Weird, how fast it all seems to go by. Next year I'll be within days of graduation, and I may even have an idea of where I'll work when school is done.

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M. Giant said...

Happy belated! I remembered at like 11:58 on the day of, but then decided to hold off on the birthday wishes for an even seven days because that's money.