Friday, July 25, 2008


CC: "My blog sucks because I never update it."

HPI: 38yo WM with 3+yr hx of intermittent blog activity, ranging from thoughtful to snarky to extreme cheese-sandwichy. Last post about one month ago.

FHx: non-contributory.

SHx: ETOH 3-5/ wk, no cigarettes, no recreational drugs. Positive for PS2 with recent additions of Nintendo Wii (~2mos) and XBox 360 (~1wk). Works as scut-monkey scum, currently with urban Peds clinic, between 40-60h/wk.

PE: Lethargic subject in mildly poor physical condition, but in no acute distress. Personal hygiene WNL, but positive 1990s signs to some clothing. Cell phone, shoes, messenger bag, and PDA adequately cool.

A: Mild to moderate blog-malnourishment, secondary to lack of free time. Reduced motivation is a parallel problem worth noting.

P: Watchful waiting. Recommend shorter, more frequent posts. Hold off on initiation of Twitter or similar modalities until the situation is more critical. Short-range goal should be one post per week. Re-assess in six to eight weeks.

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