Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Awwww. Thanks!

Had a very interesting comment the other day. Apparently at least one person in the world thinks I need to talk about myself more.

Not to worry. I'm concentrating on this TV show at the moment because it's kind of a cool opportunity to talk about my career - the one that's just getting going for real, now, after a long and intense period of preparation - in a pop-culture-related way. And I have always been about the pop culture, even in the midst of my transformative journey.

So I will say more about, for instance, moving back to the Twin Cities, and what I'm up to as I get to actually spend time with friends and family. I'll get into what it's like to actually be doing what I've been working toward all this time. But for the moment, I'm kind of in Limbo. I can't start my new job until the state registration paperwork goes through, which gives me time to sit around the house and do nothing. After revving the engine pretty hard for the past four years or so (if you count Post-Bacc time, which I do), it was jarring at first to not have a deadline or an itinerary. I have since gotten over that, and am enjoying being really lazy. I can't even keep up with a weekly show that took a week off for a holiday, but I'm steadfastly refusing to worry too much about it.

This is a change, true, but I don't think it's a permanent one. Much, much earlier posts were about coming to terms with a huge undertaking. Then there were the ones describing what went through my head as I realized I was actually on the road. Now, I've arrived at the other end of that process, and like someone who has just driven cross-country without significant stops, I kind of want to sleep for three days. Maybe open the mail, make some toast. You know, nothing too challenging.

But the message is very appreciated. And I'll get back to my usual navel-gazing in due course. I promise.

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