Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fun facts

It's been... A while.

I couldn't talk much about my previous job because for a while there, I was just so darn new at it. Then, I couldn't talk about it because I hated it. Fnally, I couldn't talk about it because I signed a document saying I wouldn't say anything bad about them for a year.

Year's up - well, more than that, really - and honestly, meh. It was not a good situation, but everybody's had that feeling they're in the wrong place and should maybe be thinking about leaving. I was actually pretty lucky, because I suspect someone there must have realized, oh crap, we hired this guy and it's not what we advertised, and he's stubborn enough to sufer through it.

So I'm not mad. I'm not even frustrated anymore (which may have been the point of the one-year noncompete and nondisclosure, naturally). They gave me a big check in exchange for being cool about things, and I spent half a year doing nothing but taking care of my kid. Most people I know would be all over that, and indeed I am.

My new job, I can't talk much about because the group has a very intelligent policy about social media. But as I understand it, I am free to just make up unrelated and random crap as much as I want. I will maintain the same paranoia about patient info I've always had, and assume that of the twelve people who ever see anything I write here, two are related to the person I'm talking about. I'm also starting to think that every patient in every story from now on should be one of the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba, but that could just be where my head's at these days.

Working part-time iiiiiiis awesooooooommme!

More in the next little while.

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