Friday, October 08, 2004

Lorika wins the nerd prize for first one in

sweet merciful crap! a comment! And I'm just screwing around. This is all sawdust, and stuff in shrinkwrap, in here.

Okay, yes. I'm thinking of starting a blog.

Uhhh... yeah. I'll be attending Bennington next June, and I think it's in the handbook or something that all students have to have blogs, write poetry, or LARP. To not have a place to catch all the little mental slips of paper that line the linty pockets of my wayward soul and shit, would be like, so tragic, man, y'know? (yes, this explains what looks like bad poetry earlier. in my own defense, my chosen genre is loud alterna-pop, of a kind I'm not actually competent to play or sing, but anyway that takes some lyrical pressure off.)

Plus, I got tired of posting "anonymously" in all those blogs I frequent.


Anonymous said...


Starting a blog is a great idea, but clearly you don't have enough work to do. Perhaps I should stroll over to your desk and take a look...?

:) Erin

Febrifuge said...


Yeah, yeah. As you well know, it's stuff like this that keeps my brain from getting flabby and dull, which in turn makes me more productive and better able to handle the difficult stuff at work.

Or so goes the theory.

This is like running into a co-worker in the 'special' section at Shinder's. Let's just move along and never speak of this again.