Thursday, October 14, 2004

what the-- ?

How are y'all finding this place, anyhow? This blog barely exists. Never mind; I know how. Clicking on my little name on some other Blogger board. I even know which ones: I finally registered with Blogger so as not to have to leave "anonymous" posts at Velcrometer and NewPatriot. (I'm so new here that I can't even make those into links yet. )

So I guess my question is, gosh, why? There's nothing here yet.

I hypothesize that the advent of the Blogosphere was inevitable, because people are naturally social. And as my grandfather and Trash from Velcrometer make abundantly clear, some people can literally start (or induce others to start) a conversation anywhere, anytime. About anything.


(not that I have to say it)


Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated comment: I just wanted to thank you for making me go look up "febrifuge" at

Febrifuge n. A medication that reduces fever; an antipyretic.

Oooh, now I should go look up "antipyretic." Learning is fun!


Febrifuge said...

...and knowing is half the battle.

Anonymous said...

Even less related to this blog (but more related to another one): I am living proof that cookies go fabulously with neurology. Especially cranial nerves. :D


Febrifuge said...

Hey, that's twelve pairs of cookies! Pretty decent setup.