Tuesday, January 03, 2006

it's weird to be proud of this...

...but that's what working in healthcare is all about: re-ordering what used to be a normal, somewhat sane sense of how the world works.

I was back in the ED today for a few hours, doing my job. Wearin' of the maroon scrubs again. It was good to be back, nice to see some people. I even got to talk a little with a PA there who's been a great source of info and encouragement. And I was happy to find that my prime ED tech skill, the thing that sets me apart from the rest, is intact. Just as reliable and strong as if I hadn't been away six months. And that's what's weird, because while it's a pretty cool skill, it's not exactly "hits the vein every time" or "can instantly estimate heart rate within 2 beats a minute." I'm reasonably good at those things, but what do I win in the tech-skill lottery, as something I'm awesome at?

"Obtains rectal temp without baby crying."

Hey, whatever. You probably have some odd stuff you can do, because of your job.

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