Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I agreed to what, now?

I can't say I've figured out my work schedule, but I did talk through it, and write out a little calendar-slash-chart thing to give myself a visual.


3pm to 11pm tomorrow (well, today I guess), and the same again Thursday. Cool; I can check out a bunch of apartments tomorrow (well, today I guess) before work. Friday I have off; that's sweet. And then Saturday it's 11pm to 7am (wait -- is that Friday night at 11pm to 7am Saturday, or is it the last hour of Saturday into Sunday, and then the last hour of Sunday into Monday?).

Then I start the actual pattern at the beginning, and the first Sunday of the pay period I always have off (except for the 7 hours of Sunday I work because I started a shift at 11pm on Saturday, of course). The middle of the week varies a little, because I'm only guaranteed eight shifts in a two-week period, and they could be evenings (3 to 11) or nights (11 to 7).


I guess it's good that I'm a night owl. Unless it's really, really bad. And also, which box has my scrubs in it? Oh crap. Gotta go find those.

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Trash said...

And HELLO -- we need to start the GRE grind. Want to come over this weekend? Teslagrl could play with te boy and you and I can study.