Saturday, August 26, 2006

Late nights and antibiotics

I've been quiet lately, because I've been having issues with my giant, swollen, reddened pinna.

That's the outside part of my ear, you degenerates. It's just a matter of time before exposure to MRSA and GRSA and whatever-else-RSA fells us ER warriors. Happens a few times a year, maybe. Usually it's a cold; no big deal. I have an immune system just a tetch less powerful than Wolverine's anyhow. But this time, I must have touched my ear with some bug hitching a ride. Stoopid itchy ears. Tuesday after work I spiked a mild fever, and Wednesday I actually called in sick, with all-over aches and a craving for fistfuls of ibuprofen. By yesterday I was mending but not yet better, so I got the Urgent Care experience.

This will be another topic for another post; it was cool that they recognized me there, and I totally got the VIP version. Land speed record for managed care. But anyway, I have Augmentin tablets that are large enough to kill stuff just by running into it, and I'm back to work. Huzzah.

And, in grad school news, I submitted my app. Funny enough, I thought of the line from the first good Star Wars movie, where Luke talks about "transmitting (his) application to the Academy." That's pretty much what you do. So, the deadlines and the editing? The worrying and fine-tuning? Over with. Now it's out of my hands.

I'll enjoy it, when the flesh-eating bacteria gets out of my system and both my ears are the same size again.

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