Tuesday, August 29, 2006

blog niblets

1) Annual physical today. It was fun to be able to talk to the med student, knowing I'll be in that exact spot before long. Plus it allowed the student to be able to say stuff like "okay, so I'll talk to Dr. Joe, and see if he wants to throw some pills at you or anything."

For the record, I lost about 10 pounds since last year's physical, and my blood pressure is slightly high. We'll check cholesterol sometime soon. And Dr. Joe still looooooves the ol' hernia check. Damn his iron grip on my gonads. I have no hernia, okay? Gawd!

2) You know how while I was at school I was always going on about some band or another? Yeah, that was not a school-related thing. I have the new Snow Patrol, and it's the best thing since thin-sliced black-pepper smoked turkey. For serious.

3) My car is falling apart. The mufler is finally rusting out so the V6 sounds like a Harley now. The passenger side mirror fell off. The rearview mirror remains floppy on its stalk like some sad injured insect. The driver door handle has stopped working entirely, so one needs to open the window a bit and reach in. Hell of a theft deterrent, though. I guess I need to call the garage down the block and see what they charge for de-FUBAR-ification.


Katrina Doe Parker said...

I just had to post when I saw you mention Snow Patrol. I've been reading/skimming through your blog from the beginning. I am a Pre-PA/Pre-Med, 31-yr-old (this Saturday), "non-traditional" student who got a BFA six years ago and has worked as a fashion stylist for photo shoots since then. Anyway, my husband loves Snow Patrol & I felt the need to give a shout out. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your blog is helpful & informative.

Febrifuge said...

That is one of the coolest comments I've had. Thank you! And it's a pleasant surprise to know that the blog is doing what I'd intended it to -- serve as a point of reference for someone else in a similar situation. Keep me posted on how your own evolution is going.