Friday, September 15, 2006

Me Am Bizarro Best Blogger Ever #1!

No, I'm not dead. Overworked, sure, but not to the point where I'm incapable of blogging. Not exactly lazy, either.

I saw some stuff at work that you probably saw on the news. No, wait, that sounded wrong. Nothing I do should ever be on the news. I just mean that some of the cases I was near involved parties that were newsworthy, primarily because of what happened to them. Oh, shut up.

My car is in for repairs. My health is in about the same shape as my car: a whole lot of nothing too serious, just a pain. I have the weekend off for once, and I think I'm getting sick. Dagnabbit.

My app is in; my first interview invitation came back. Speedy, eh? Well, it's for the school that starts in January, so it's about right. The Best School Evah hasn't replied yet, but Chicago School sent me a nice note to say they want $25 and a form, so we can go forward. It's almost like a love note...

Bottom line, I have some nice choices, assuming all of my schools send me love. And how could they not, as awesome as I am? Right? Huh? Okay, then.

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