Friday, September 01, 2006

sugary goodness

Be with me now: Jelly Belly gourmet jellybeans. Bulk. Four flavors:

1) Juicy Pear
2) Peach
3) Crushed Pineapple
4) Caramel Apple

Not to mention, vodka sour, "free" Internet, the Streets on the iPod, and I'm about to watch "Brick."

Can there be anything better than this? Not too bloody much, I'd say.


Chad said...

Original pirate material - you're listening to the Streets.

Yeah, I'm a metal/hardcore guy, but I likes my catchy british rap.

Trash said...

Do you remember when we say Harry Potter and had every flavor beans? Mmmm, nothing like a good *fish* jellybean.

Also, they are currently M. Small's favorite treat. Or *bean!*, which is what he calls them.