Thursday, November 22, 2007

Breaks from tradition

Happy Turkey Day, random Intarweb people!

This will be only the second Thanksgiving since I've had the opportunity that I will not be enjoying the thoroughly amazing meal at my dad and stepmom's. I'm really happy to come from a gigantic, loud, slightly nutty family, and I'll miss them. But that's what it's like at the moment -- I need to make strategic decisions about how I saw everyone a month or two ago at stepsis' wedding, and about the mountain of studying I need to do with my very few days off.

Two years ago was the first time I was out of that particular Turkey Day loop; Teslagrl and I were alone in the big farmhouse out in rural NY State, and I made a small bird plus a Tofurkey, and all the trimmings, myself. I was inspired by the great kitchen at the place we were renting, and my housemate's Bittman cookbook.

This year will be spent at the home of friends who live nearby; we get the Thanksgiving experience but without so much of the traveling. Which is nice, as just this morning it has started to snow a little.

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Amber said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Feb! Hope it was as calm and laid-back as you wanted it to be.