Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Current favorite classmate catch-phrase

Someone from my class is fond of saying,

"I know, right?"

I don't know why, exactly, but with the right timing, this just slays me. It's funny, without calling undue attention. It skates over the surface without impeding the rhythm of the humor. It's verbiage that draws the others into the joke, while at the same time reflecting what was just said in a distorted mirror. But aside from MacLuhan-style comedy theory, it's just funny.

In other news, %$#@! the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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M. Giant said...

We know how it feels, we miss you guys, too. Will you be in town any time soon for more than a day?

Also, did Teslagrl ever get credit for my new job, a referral bonus or anything? Because I have been there for 3 months now.