Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I got an A on my Genetics paper. And I emailed Trash, using M. Small as the test subject in a little thought experiment about the topic. It's fun to be a science nerd, especially when your friends are, too.

TeslaGrl thinks I should just post the whole thing. I hesitate (although she's awesome, and furthermore very bright) beause I think I can make the whole thing shorter, and funnier, if and when I explain it here. It's a shame; I never got the extra points I was seeking for bringing the funny, and in terms of academic applications, I just stopped trying.

I know I'll be at The Perfect Program if, in the interview, I get a question like "how would you make cell respiration more, I don't know, snappy?" or "I'm a studio executive, and you're a director who wants to make a movie about the citric acid cycle. Pitch me."

I'm also working on my "Personal Statement." This is the essay one writes, when one is hoping to gain admission to one of the competitive graduate programs that prepare one to practice medicine. In other words, it's the "why you should accept me, rather than the other 15 to 300 peeps who want that same spot" essay.

It's going okay. So far I've written the previous blog entry, and some emails.

Did I mention there's a limit of around 400 or 450 words? Yeah, this will be interesting.

UPDATE: Ha! An opening paragraph. It sucks, but hey, it's an opening paragraph. (You can read the finished product as soon as I'm accepted to a program.)

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