Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Clearly, a particular Minneapolis inner-ring suburb is the new epicenter of cool. I'm putting out the call to my crew back home: someone else needs to make a movie, or a computer game, or design a personal jetpack or something. Because right now, the Busey-Hunt household is walking away with the 1000-meter freestyle "create bitchin' pop culture" event.

I am presently in the computer lab, listening to the new Silvergirl album on headphones. I have no fewer than two Jon Hunts plus a roomful of Jon-powered instruments going. It's a Jon-a-copia over here.

The talent-to-technology ratio on this record is exactly the inverse of what you'd find in an Ashley-- no, a Jessica Simpson project. It's just that good, and that genuine. And just to name one strong point, there are more graceful, lovely bridges on this album than in California itself.

Go. Listen. Become smitten with the sound.

I listened to it last night. This was me, at a key point: "Is that... I think he... oh my god! BACKWARD GUITAR! BACKWARD GUITAR! Sa-weeeet." Even if I only sorta liked the rest of it, Jon would earn a Big Gulp of good karma just from that.

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