Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Working. Can't post.

Yo. Welcome to any curious onlookers who may have flipped over here from Diablo's lil' blog. I wish I had something to say about my sex organs... actually, I was talking earlier about prostate issues, come to think of it... but anyway.

So the deal is, I'm an old dude (same age as Jon, so in other words, not really old at all), but I'm back in undergrad for a bit, finishing up requirements so that I may go forth and be a healer. Except not one of those obnoxious, over-educated ones. Well, I mean, yes I'm obnoxious, but more in a lovable way than an "I know better than you" way. I live in New England, but the year is almost over, so I'll be back home in the Twin Towns soon.

I'd love to say more, only I'm giving a presentation on a monkey virus and its possible role in human cancers, in about an hour. I'm done with the hard stuff, but I need to choose which cute monkey photos go into the PowerPoint presentation.

I'll say more soon, about the career, about the crazy state of health care right here and now, and about weird stuff like left-handedness and whether it's genetic. (Hint: yes it is. And there's a thing about which way the whorl on the back of your head goes. Very cool, but then I'm in like Nerd Boot Camp now.)

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